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Higher Quality Construction Methods

Your home is your biggest investment. Not only is purchasing a home a huge financial undertaking, but it can also be an emotional event. Your home does much more than just provide you with shelter from the elements; it is the place where you spend time with your friends and family and build memories that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, your home is where you go to escape from the pressures of work and other obligations; it should be a place where you can relax and feel truly comfortable. When you purchase a modular home from Mayland Modular Homes, you’ll get all the benefits of a professionally constructed house and you’ll be able to customize it in such a way that it will truly become your home.

There are countless benefits to choosing Log Homes Modular and Blue Ridge Modular Homes as an alternative to traditional construction. Many people know that modular homes are more affordable and more easily customized than traditional homes, but there are a number of lesser known benefits to choosing Single Story Modular Homes or Modular Log Cabin Kit Homes as well.

Innovative Building Techniques

Many people do not know that Low-cost Prefabricated Homes tend to be better constructed than regular houses. Because they are built in factories, the various components of modular homes are able to be constructed using techniques that are not available at traditional construction sites. For instance, custom manufactured jigs help ensure that floors and ceilings are plumb, while walls are more strongly bolted to one another, thus giving you a more structurally sound home.

Inspection and Regulation

Inspection and regulations also come into play. With Prefabricated Modular Homes, the Floor Plans for Modular Homes must be reviewed in order to ensure that they meet the standards of the state or states in which the manufacturer plans to sell the homes. Additionally, a third party must inspect and approve any Modular and Custom Built Homes or Prefabricated Homes Kits that end up in the state and place a label on these homes confirming that they have been constructed in accordance with the state’s standards. Keep in mind that modular homes are measured by the same standards as traditional construction, so well-built Modular Custom Built Homes will be constructed just as well or better than an average home built by traditional methods.

Built to Survive Shipping

In order to ensure that homes stay intact as they undergo the process of shipping, homes are built to much stronger standards, and often contain anywhere from 20% to 30% more materials than traditionally constructed homes. Not surprisingly, this fact results in stronger homes that are better able to withstand extreme weather conditions or natural disasters.

Custom Built Modular Homes have been proven to out-perform their traditionally constructed counterparts during natural disasters like hurricanes. Mayland Modular Homes specializes in Modular Homes for Sale in North Carolina, and carries only the best Modular Homes Green. With customers throughout North Carolina, Mayland Modular Homes has constructed Modular Homes Asheville NC, Modular Homes in Charlotte NC, and a number of Log Cabin Modular Homes NC. We have over 70 customizable Floor Plans for Modular Homes and can meet the needs of virtually any family. From large, luxurious homes to Small Modular Green Homes, Mayland Modular can help make all of your Accessible Modular Homes Floor Plans dreams come true. Whether you have special needs, are looking for Prefabricated Low Energy Homes, One Story Modular Homes, or Luxury Prefabricated Homes, consider Mayland Modular Homes’s many designs. We assist you with all of your Log Cabin Modular Homes NC, Modular Homes Asheville NC, Modular Homes Greenville NC, and Modular Homes in Lexington NC needs.

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