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Modular Log Homes

Many people fanaticize about moving to North Carolina and fully immersing themselves in the mountain lifestyle. Be they retirees, young couples, or families with teenaged children, these people often dream of living out their days surrounded by the quaint charm of a log cabin. This stylish alternative to a traditional brick or stucco home is something that, for many people, symbolizes the way of life they have always imagined: quiet, slow-paced, and traditional. But modern log homes are more than just a throwback to days gone by. Many contemporary log cabins are more akin to mansions than the primitive dwellings our predecessors once inhabited. You can find all the amenities of the finest resorts in many of today’s log homes, which means that today’s version of the rustic log cabin can be pricey. For that reason, many are turning to Modular Log Homes NC. At Mayland Modular Homes, we specialize in providing our customers with the finest Modular Log Cabin Kit Homes and One Store Modular Log Homes that money can buy. These Log Homes Modular offer everything you’ve been looking for in a log home, and are more energy efficient, ready to move into more quickly, and more structurally sound than traditionally built log homes.

One of the ways that purchasing a Modular Log Home NC is smarter than constructing a log home onsite is that Log Homes Modular are built inside, away from weather that might damage the materials used to make your home. Obviously, a home constructed with material that is not up to par is less likely to be energy efficient or structurally sound. When wood gets wet, it warps, leading to structural deficiencies that can cause long-term headaches and lead to financial losses. When you purchase Modular Log Cabin Kit Homes that have been constructed within the confines of a climate-controlled factory, the wood that comprises the foundation of your home will have escaped being exposed to the weather. In other words, it will be in perfect condition.

Solid wood One Story Modular Log Homes are far more energy efficient than those that are stick built. Not only is the material used to make these Single Story Log Modular Homes better at insulating, but because of the way that Modular Custom Built Homes are assembled, builders can more easily reach trouble spots to apply energy saving solutions like sealant and caulking.

No matter your reasons for wanting a log cabin, Mayland Modular Homes can help you find the perfect Floor Plans for Modular Homes for you and your family. If you’re searching for a Log Cabin Modular Homes NC, then take a look at the selection offered by Mayland Modular Homes. We have over 70 customizable options so there is something that will work for everyone. Whether you’re in the market for Luxury Prefabricated Homes or Low-cost Prefabricated Homes, we have an option that will fit your budget and your lifestyle. Many people are being persuaded by the advantages of Small Modular Log Homes and Blue Ridge Modular Log Homes. Not only are they more cost efficient, but they tend to be better build and better for the environment in a number of ways. If you’re considering building a home in North Carolina, Mayland Builders can help you. We build Modular Homes in North Carolina Scotland County, Modular Homes Asheville NC, Modular Homes Raleigh NC, Modular Homes in Charlotte NC, Modular Homes in Lexington NC, and in areas throughout the state. We can help turn your Modular Custom Built Homes dreams into a reality.

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